TiaraX 4-Step Set


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TiaraX 4-Step Set includes:

  • 1x TIR Professional Nail File 100/180 grit
  • 1x 15ml Step 1 Dehydrator
  • 1x 15ml Step 2 Non-Acid Primer
  • 1x 15ml Step 3 Brush-On Gel
  • 1x 15ml Step 4 Non-Wipe Gel Top Gloss

Step 1 Dehydrator

With the right amount of pH level, our Step 1 Dehydrator is to dehydrate the nail surface properly after prepping. Our Dehydrator helps  removing any extra oils or residue on the first layer of the natural nails that inhibit a clean nail enhancement application such as gel extensions, gel polish, acrylic, polygel.

Step 2 Non-Acid Primer

After applying Step 1 Dehydrator, our Non-Acid Gel Primer creates a tacky surface on the natural nails which provides a better adhesion to any nail enhancement applications. With acid-free formula, this primer gently preps the nail without causing any discomfort, irritation or sensitivity to the natural nails and surrounding skin.

Step 3 Brush-On Gel

Introducing to you our Tiara Step 3 Brush-On Gel with 100% SOFT GEL formula is now available in 15ml and 250ml (enough to refill up to 16 15ml bottles)

Step 4 Non-Wipe Gel Top Gloss

Our Step 4 Non-Wipe Gel Top Gloss is an extreme glossy top coat that doesn’t turn yellow or chip. It provides not only high shine but durable strength for all nail enhancement types. It is a must-have for every nail professionals.

💚It can be used to apply a fresh set of Tiara Gel Extensions

💚It can be used to build on top of your natural nails as overlay to provide strength 

💚It can be used to refill over our existing Tiara Gel Extensions

🙌That’s 3 in 1!

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