1. What is Tiara Gel Extensions?

Tiara Gel Extensions is a 100% soak-off odorless soft gel nail system that instantly adds length to your natural nails without the use of acrylic or hard gel. It is a huge addition to the future of the nail industry. You can now have perfect shape and longer nails in half the time or even less.

  1. Why choose the Tiara Gel Extensions system?

It is catered to all levels of licensed professionals, including:

  • You are salon owners looking to add an additional service to your your menu
  • You are nail technicians who just started your career and are looking for something that requires less training time and a learning curve so you can start working and earning right away
  • You are nail artists that want to create perfect nail extensions in a shorter time while having more time to create beautiful arts

  1. Who are my ideal clients for Tiara Gel Extensions?

Anyone would want to have instant durable long nails. Our Tiara Gel Extensions System can help clients who have a hard time growing out their natural nails, have weak nails, want perfectly shaped and long nails fast, want a gentle removal process, and like a brand new set of nails regularly.

  1. How does it work?

Tiara Gel Extensions is a revolutionary soft gel nail system that comes in a variety of shapes and lengths that extend the length of your natural nails in a matter of minutes. They are pre-shaped and apply over your entire nail bed using gel to adhere to the natural nails. We include a detailed Instruction Card with each kit.

  1. How long does it last?

Up to 4 weeks (depending on your technique and natural nail growth)

  1. How many shapes and lengths does the Tiara Gel Extensions system have?

Gel-X system comes with 2 types of nail shapes in kits: 1 kit with long coffin and 1 kit with long stiletto, and 3 exotic shapes: Extreme Coffin, Extreme Stiletto, Long Square.

  1. Can anyone buy and/or apply the Tiara Gel Extensions system on their nails?

This is a soft gel system designed for Professionals and Licensed Nail Technicians only.

It is highly recommended to be done by professional and experienced licensed nail technicians to avoid the damaging nails’ health.   

  1. How strong are they?

They are made to be durable. With proper application, they stay attached to your natural nail until you are ready to remove them. Reminder: Just like any other nail extensions, your nails/nail extensions should not be used as “tools”!

  1. What are some of the benefits?

Faster, minimal filing and dust, no odor, leaving you with more space and time for nail art. They already come in perfect lengths and shapes. You get a new set every time. They soak off. Our gel extension system is the best alternative or they can be a great addition to your acrylic nails or hard gel extensions.