Jade Tang is a Master Nail Artist and founder of The Imperial Room with 15 years of experience performing in upscale salons and teaching new and experienced nail techs with her specialized workshops. Her clients include celebrities and influencers throughout California. 

Jade’s skills impressed renown global brands such as Akzents, Young Nails and Brillbird. She even became one of the first twenty Authorized Nail Educators for Swarovski and their very first Vietnamese American Educator. 

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram and as an influencer herself in the nail industry, Jade has been published and featured in industry and mainstream publications including but not limited to Orange Coast Magazine and Glossgenius.

Hundreds of students seek to learn from Jade annually due to her stellar reputation, unique industry perspectives, extraordinary creativity and pursuit of artistic perfection. Nail techs and salon owners alike reach out to Jade for her consultation and advice on how to “level up” and grow their business. Jade shares her experience and mastercraft in one-on-one and group training sessions at her studio and brand-sponsored appearances at trade shows. 

Jade loves helping fellow nail technicians with product troubleshooting, developing social media strategies, establishing customer service standards, calculating cost of service and potential income to turn passion into profiting businesses. As a perfectionist and one who takes pride in her art, Jade shares helpful and practical advice so her nail students can improve their gel and acrylic nail techniques in her hands-on workshops.


Jade’s pursuit of artistic perfection and passion for the nail industry led her to open The Imperial Room. Aside from creating beautiful nail canvases and art for her beloved clients, it’s also where she helps fellow nail artists master their craft and optimize their business opportunities.

After being licensed, Jade realized quickly that regular nail schools only teach the basics and not the necessary techniques to truly stand out and become successful. She craved additional industry and technical knowledge but had no direction. So Jade decided to continue to learn and expand her education and expertise. Today, with over 15 nail certifications from reputable nail companies such as Akzentz, Swarovski Beauty Academy, Kupa, Brillbird and more, she’s become an expert and influencer.

“I love teaching and sharing techniques that I have mastered over the years. I believe in continuing education and sharing what I have learned, in hopes to grow a stronger nail community who will provide nail services with integrity and quality for their clients.”  Founder Jade Tang

The goals of The Imperial Room is to inspire unique perspectives and empower nail techs to realize their full potential so we can collectively raise the bar across the board and to elevate the nail industry. We offer frequent educational workshops, online and offline, to help cultivate talent and support anyone who’s willing to invest their time and effort to advance their career. Besides teaching skills and techniques, we also share tools and trusted products that we believe will help salon owners and independent professionals maximize their business. These products have been personally curated by Jade and met her quality standards and expert expectations.