Step Zero - Tip Potion

$10 $15

Wave goodbye to prep woes and hello to flawless nails!  Introducing STEP ZERO - TIP POTION, your HEMA-free hero for a seamless gel tip experience. Available this Monday!

- Effortless Application: Skip the sanding and go straight to glam!
- Allergy-Friendly: Say adios to HEMA-related allergies.
- Time Saver: More time for creativity, less time on prep.

Problem Solved:
Nail techs, rejoice! The STEP ZERO - TIP POTION eliminates the tedious underside prep and surface roughing, making your nail routine as smooth as your finished manicure. Embrace the future of nail care with our innovative solution. Your clients will thank you!

Mark your calendars for Monday and be the first to elevate your nail services with our groundbreaking potion!

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