Introduction to Acrylic Application (online)

This is an extensive beginner acrylic course designed for students who:

  • are passionate about nails and want to pursue the nail career
  • want to learn how to create a well-balanced nail structure of acrylic with nail tips

Coming Soon 

Student Testimonials

- Lynn D.  @lynndoesnails
Completed Basic Acrylic Course

“Taking Jade’s class is phenomenal! She is very detailed when training her students, she wants all her students to succeed, and that’s what is so great about training with her. Before training with her, I barely was able to draw even lines, and evenly apply acrylics, I thought what I did was “good enough”, but I was wrong. She kept pushing me and showing me some of her techniques, and let me tell you it changed everything I did. The process of cleaning up the cuticles, the steps before, and the process, she was detailed in everything, and I eventually got the hang of it. She really taught me that you can do more than you pink. So I highly recommend her classes, take in everything she says because she really wants you to succeed.”

- Diana N.  @ricekittynails
Completed Basic Hard Gel Course

"After taking Jade’s nail class, I felt like I learned so much in one day. Jade has been in the nail industry for over 10+ years, so she’s very knowledgeable for all things nail related. If you have any problems with troubleshooting your nail services she has all the answers you need to fix the issues! I’ve learned so many tips and tricks that made my nail services so much faster than before. I highly recommend taking her nail classes to further expand your knowledge about nails and improve/sharpen your skills."

- Kirsten C.  @nailsbykirstenchanel
Completed Beginner Acrylic Course

"I’ve learned a lot while I was training with Jade that contributes to my skills as a nail technician today. While training with her, she didn’t just demonstrate a technique and let me figure it out on my own, she would thoroughly go through each step little by little making sure I nailed each part before continuing on. She taught me how to apply acrylic correctly, explaining the importance of the nail structure, the apex, c-curve and how they all connect to nail durability. She also taught me the proper way to hold the nail drill, and tips and tricks on how to do nail art and nail designs. Jade was always very sweet and patient with me, and very knowledgeable with everything she does. She is a great mentor, she acknowledged my strengths but she always strived for me to be better. Without her training and mentorship, I would not be where I am today."

- Resheika M.  @nailsbynichol
Completed Immediate Acrylic Course

"Having the privilege to take one on one sessions with Jade was the turning point in my career as a nail technician. She has a way of explaining techniques and tricks of the trade to your understanding. Her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge has been invaluable. Not only does she teach and show “how to,” but she also educates you as to why improper techniques and applications are not efficient. I was able to vastly improve on my foundation and application. I love that she is so patient and takes her time. She motivated me to strive for perfection. You can tell that she loves what she does and takes great pride in her work. Jade is such an inspiration to me. She is the absolute best!"

- Paula B.  @paulaclaw
Completed Advance Acrylic Course

"I found interested in nails because I get a high off of perfecting tiny canvases on the tips of your fingers. It’s more than just gluing a tip on to your nail bed, it’s about structure and balance of the nails; nail architecture as Jade like to call it. I first heard of Jade via a close friend. After stocking her social media, I was mesmerized by her talent and skills. I chose to learn from Jade because I can feel the warmth from her works. I can tell that they're passionate and love being put into them. It was hard for me to take Jade class because I was 18 and did not lived in her city; however, I was so motivated to study under Jade that did not let that be an obstacle. Prior to taking Jake class, my work was slower and less cohesive. I did not have a strong understanding of sculpture and different type of nail beds. Jade taught me how to appropriately approach acrylic sculpture for different nails type. She helped me perfected my form application and speeded up my process. On top of all, she is a great business woman. Who I think is fully capable of leading you in to the right direction, if nails is your passion. I did everything I could to study with Jade and I don’t regret it at all. You won’t neither!"

 - Evelyn O. @xxoxo.xoxo
Completed Beginner Acrylic Course

"A couple months ago I made the choice to start my nail journey, I quit my job & invested some of my savings into this. I had found several nail educators, but none of them made me feel like they were really in it to help me. When I found out Jade was possibly doing classes I reached out to her, as soon as I heard back from her I knew she was the type of nail educator I was looking for. When I first started I knew absolutely NOTHING about doing nails, her guidance & knowledge has helped me in so many ways. Now I can say I can lay a clean application of acrylic & I really am a step closer to becoming my own boss. Thank you Jade for your time despite the fact that I'm not even in training anymore and most importantly your patience!! I will always be so grateful for your help & guidance!"

- Xavia C. @xlove82_nails

"I had the best time today...I was in need of help on my acrylic application and Jade was so kind enough to help me! She took her time and really gave me the one on one attention I needed. I really like how she had me work on myself to get the feel of hand placement and pressure  needed to perfect my nails. I loved how I can send her pictures of my work with feedback. Just knowing I have her support after class is very reassuring. I definitely recommend Jade for your next educational class. Sincerely, Xavia Cole"

- Krista C. @sculptedbyk

"Hi Jade! I wanted to thank you for our last class I appreciate everything you shared with me, from knowledge to just your experiences in the industry. i was struggling so much with form placement and I already see such an improvement!! I finally have some techniques with the e file too and it’s saving me so much time at the salon! Thank you so much for teaching me I’ll be sure to come back when I move on to hard gel! I’ll be sending you more updated work of mind I hope to make you proud"️