Yishu Wuqi Brush Collection


Yishu Wuqi Brush Collection - 8 brush set & carry case

BIAN - Liner Brush
Is a longer version of our best-selling Jian Dual Liner Brush. This ultra-thin liner brush comes with 20mm long bristles, it's perfect for creating long lines, stripes and swirls.
Nylon hair
L: 20mm
W: 0.5mm

BISHOU - Petite Oval Brush
A special delicate brush designed for drawing small flower petals or cleaning along the cuticle area.
The size of the petal can be adjusted by widening the tip of the brush.
Nylon hair
L: 4.5mm
W: 2mm

QIANG - Ink Brush
A multi-purpose art brush with full bristles, it's great for drawing large petals and leaves or gel watercoloring blending effects.
Nylon hair
L: 10mm
W: 2mm

FENG - Precision Brush
Quality smallest and thinest art brush with short tip nail art brush designed for the most delicate, fine and detailed gel artworks.
Nylon hair
L: 5mm
W: 0.5mm

FU - Angle Brush
Angular brush designed for blending and gradients. Also is good to create leaves, flower petals and feather art.
Great for painting natural stone texture or tie dye effect.
Nylon hair
L: 5mm - 6mm
W: 4mm

BO - Mini Flat Brush
A flat tip for even application of gel color. A basic must-have brush to include in any brush collection.
Nylon hair
L: 12mm
W: 4mm

JI - Mini Paint Brush
The small flat brush is great for working around the cuticles and creating thick strokes or plaid lines.
Nylon hair
L: 8mm
W: 2mm

JIAN - Dual Liner Brush
Dual long tip art brush designed for creating detailed line art.
Nylon Hair
L: 11mm
L: 9mm

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