TIR Step 4 Non-Wipe Gel Top Gloss (250ml)

$148 $220

TIR UV/LED Non-Wipe Gel Top Gloss

Introducing our tack free, no-wipe top gloss with superior shine and flawless mirror-like finish. It is smooth and easy to apply. Available in 15ml and 250ml bottle.

• Can be applied over any cured gel as a final top coat

• Adds super shine without yellowing over time

• Works with any gel or acrylic

• LED 30 sec. cure / UV 2 min. cure

PLEASE NOTE: TIR products are intended for use by trained and/or certified nail professionals ONLY and are not for at-home or DIY use. By purchasing this product you acknowledge you are a professional nail technician. TIR products are sold exclusively through our website and authorized distributor(s). Please email us to find out local distributor(s) near you.

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