A Message to Entitled Workers...

Remember the day when you first got hired, you were so sincere and respectful toward your boss/business owner. You promised to be loyal, grateful and work hard.

However, overtime some of the folks took advantage of the boss's kindness, became lazy and developed bad habits. They assumed that they've become a "Mr. or Miss Know-It-All," and assumed that they are better than everyone else. At one point, they just thought they are too good to stay and left with a bad attitude and negative thoughts:

- That the business owner was lucky to have them.

- That “Anywhere I go, I would get a job!”

- That "the salon owner is “rich” because of me".

- That “I was the best one they had in the salon” etc.

Jealousy became anger, anger became hatred, hatred became betrayal, betrayal became revenge, there comes the evil mind!

Business owner may not be good at their jobs, but for sure they are good at analyzing and hiring talented people, investing the money, gray matter and prestige that they worked hard of their whole life to make sure the business runs well and everyone is getting paid well. 

Being talented, but arrogant isn't going to get you anywhere far in life. There are 3 important persons who need to respect in life: 
1: The person who helps you when you're going through hardships
2: The person who gives you the knowledge and wisdom
3: The person who helps you make a lot of money

Being ungrateful or arrogant forever just like flowers waiting for the right season to bloom!

Bite the hand that feeds you isn't going to make you go far or become successful!

Thoughts become actions. Actions creates a habit. Habits create Life. That's why whether you have a good life or not, is up to you. Ever ask yourself "Why I have been working for so many years, yet I am still suffering?" 

Business owners worked hard and scarified so much to get to where they're at now. Remember, great things only happen to those who are patient, kind and do their best.


Jade Tang