Essential Hiring Paperworks for both Employees and Employers

To hiring for licensed professionals, you have 2 options:

- Facebook Market Place (free)

- Indeed (small fee applied)

- Beauty schools (free)

-Referrals (free)

Once you're interested in hiring somebody, you should have:

First, phone interview

Second, come in for in person practical interview

Once you like their work and want to hire them to work in your salon. There are some paperworks that you need to know before your employee started to work:

Employee Nondisclosure Agreement 

W-4 Employee Withholding Certificate

Employment Eligibility Verification

Confirm if their license is legal through Board Of Cosmetology website or phone call

Direct Deposit-Authorization for Direct Deposit

Photos and Videos Release Consent Form

 Salon Handbook-Policy & Procedures (Welcome message, salon back story and mission, business conduct, general work rules, dress code, etc.

I hope this helpful information can give you a general ideas on how to manage and protect your nail salon business.

Good luck!

Jade Tang