Being An Owner is The Most Unappreciated Job

You can't expect anyone to tell you you're doing a good job.

How good you are.

If you're making the right moves/choices.

Tell you it's OK to make mistakes.

Tell you it's going to be OK.

They call it a thankless job for a reason. You're your own boss, you must thank yourself. For achieving, for striving, for doing more for your future.

The day you decided that you wanted to be your own boss, you decided that no one else's comments, feedback, praises matter; you didn't need it to achieve greater for yourself. The only comments that matters are of your own.

Your accomplishments will be your own validation.

Along with being a boss, you have to show great leadership skills. There's no "I" in team. Being able to command respect, you must own your presence, but also show empathy through your words and actions.

A lot of people who work for themselves, think they're the boss. Yes, but not a true boss. You need someone to call you boss to be a boss. You can't be a leader with no one to lead.

There will be many times you'll feel very defeated. One after another, after another. But will you let that make you bitter? Does it make you hate that person? Does it make you want to give up? Stop you from achieving?

These are the challenges we take on as a leader. Do we want to stop building a shelter when it rains because the resources are old, tearing apart, or doesn't fit? Or do you ask yourself. "What can I do, to make the resources work correctly?"

Change your perception.  Change how you empathize.

A different approach. These resources have been paving the way so I can achieve my goals.  They are worn out, feeling lost, alone. As much as I need them, they need me too. Let's communicate better. Differently to find a common ground. Jump start each other's lives and make the best of it.

When you feel defeated, stop for a moment and look at the past, present and future. It will help you reevaluate how far you have come and how did you get to today.

Jade Tang